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295HS - High Security Check

High security multipurpose check with 23 security features including a foil hologram, Toner Adhesion and Heat Sensitive Icon printed on Chemically Reactive Paper.
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295L - Multipurpose Check

Personalized multipurpose check in the middle with two vouchers. Use the top voucher for check details, retain the bottom voucher for your files.
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495L - Blank Check

Check in middle with swirl background. (For MICR encoding software module). Use MICR toner cartridges when printing these checks.
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622L - Direct Deposit Notice

Direct deposit notice with check panel in the middle. Keep the bottom voucher for your records.
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800LC - High Security Blank Check

Check in the middle with CopyBanŽ Capture patented background with a hidden VOID. (For MICR encoding software module) Use MICR toner cartridges when printing these checks.
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922L - Payroll Check

Payroll bottom check with one long voucher, perforated at 3-3/4" and 7-3/8" for easier folding.
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